CRI | Argentina is About More Than the Tango by Marcos Duarte
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Argentina is About More Than the Tango by Marcos Duarte

It`s been about two months since I got on a plane and came to Argentina. I really cannot believe  that  I`m halfway through with my study abroad experience. What an experience it has been so far!

I take classes Monday- Thursday at Universidad Blas Pascal, from Advanced Spanish to History of Latin American Civilization, Culture in Argentina to Argentine Literature and Film.

I learn a lot in class, but what I  really love is that I don`t stop learning there. My culture professor told us on  day one  that what we learn in class will complement whatever we learn living here.

I`ve learned that the Argentinean`s stereotypical accent and love for tango is mainly a Buenos Aires thing. Since I started taking Tango lessons, I`ve learned that tango is not what we see in the movies: it`s a lot more intimate, and there`s no rose in your teeth.

I`ve learned firsthand that family is one of the most important things to an Argentine. The police force isn`t  as trusted  as in the U.S. People usually meet up 15-45 minutes later than they say they will. Life in Córdoba is nocturnal. The people here are very vocal about what they like and don`t like.

All of these are things I learned living here – not just by going to class, but also by spleeping and eating with a host family, by getting lost twice in the city, by meeting new people and trying new things. That`s the magic of studing abroad. The world is your classroom, and there is so much to learn.


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